FITT Bluforce APP

Computing software that simplifies network calculating operations

Why choosing FITT Bluforce APP?

FITT’s continuous innovation and research are not limited to the development of high-tech products, but also include the delivery of supporting solutions that provide comprehensive service in the design, manufacture and management of pipes.

The FITT Bluforce App is designed to simplify network sizing operations.


Hydraulic calculation

Allows you to calculate the flow rates, speed, and head loss in the pipe.


Water hammer

Allows you to calculate the maximum surge pressure.


Thrust blocks

Allows you to calculate the volume of the concrete block.


Tensile resistance

Allows you to calculate the number of required restraint joints in the singular points (FITT Bluforce RJ).


Static verification

Allows you to check the pipe’s resistance to crushing in relation to the laying conditions.

The outputs generated by the FITT Bluforce App can be exported in PDF format.

To quickly access the FITT Bluforce App features, you can create a link on your smartphone home screen.