The innovative polymer alloy pipe FITT Bluforce, already known for its reliability and durability over time, evolves again: FITT Bluforce RJ, the first pipe in Europe made of thermoplastic material with an integrated and unmovable sealing system, comes to life.

Both the hydraulic and mechanical tightness of the joint guarantee easy and quick installation, minimising the risk of human error and removing the need of thrust blocks, even on slopes and terrains prone to landslides.

Planning a pressurised water network?

Choose FITT Bluforce PVC-A pipes

For an economical, safe and high-performance alternative to pipes made from traditional materials.

PVC-A pipes: high-performance solution for water and irrigation systems.

FITT Bluforce PVC-A pipes for transporting fluids under pressure in water networks and aqueducts are manufactured by FITT, the first manufacturer to bring PVC-A polymer alloy technology to Italy.

An increased lifespan of water networks and aqueducts, lower overall works cost, superior reliability in water service delivery, and a reduction of maintenance costs over time: these benefits are guaranteed by PVC-A pipes when compared to old cast iron, steel and polyethylene pipes.

Thanks to its characteristics — ductility, durability, and handling — FITT Bluforce PVC-A piping facilitates work onsite, by ensuring integrity and efficiency in water networks even in the event of knocks, improper pipe lines, or serious weather conditions.


All data is calculated for DN200 (PE100, PVC-U and PVC-A: PN16) piping. The flow rate is calculated for a 1,000-metre straight line with an internal pressure of 12 bar. The laying speed is calculated not including digging and refilling the trench. The handling directions are given for 6 metres of piping and in accordance with the parameters of Legislative Decree 81/2008.

FITT Bluforce

FITT Bluforce DN 160 PN 16 laying – 2.300 meters – Rovigo (IT)

FITT Bluforce
production and testing

FITT Bluforce production and testing

Properties of PVC-A pipe for FITT Bluforce water networks

PVC-A piping: the high performance solution for aqueducts and irrigation systems

Thanks to its always ductile behaviour, FITT Bluforce RJ guarantees high resistance to impacts even at low temperatures, facilitating site operations.

FITT Bluforce RJ withstands electrochemical corrosion and is inert to chlorine dioxide used to make the mains water drinkable.

The polymer alloy (PVC-A) technology makes the FITT Bluforce RJ pipe for water supply networks and water pipelines highly resistant to crack propagation. This characteristic guarantees a longer service life of the piping and reduced maintenance.

FITT Bluforce RJ adopts the socket-based Bulldog® jointing system with integrated and immovable seal, which ensures rapid assembly of the pipe and both

FITT Bluforce RJ can be inserted in new and existing systems thanks to its compatibility with cast iron, steel, PVC-U and HDPE couplings.

FITT Bluforce RJ is impermeable to the pollutants contained in the soil protecting the conveyed water against potential contamination.

Thanks to its reduced thickness, FITT Bluforce RJ can be manufactured with lower amounts of raw materials and energy required for their transformation. PVC-A is 100% recyclable.


FITT Bluforce RJ reduces both the time required to build new pipelines and the costs associated with their maintenance.

FITT Bluforce RJ guarantees faster, easier and safer pipe laying and drastically reduces potential errors during assembly, guaranteeing positive test


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FITT offers a specific 10-year insurance policy for all damage that could be caused to third parties.

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